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Today, braces aren’t just for teens and children anymore. In fact, more often adults are choosing to align their smiles with the help of modern orthodontics. At the orthodontic practice of Joseph P. Goodson DMD, MS in Austin, Texas, we are pleased to be able to assist our adult patients in creating as smile they can be proud of displaying.

But braces aren’t just for straighter teeth. They can also greatly impact our oral health as well, and work to prevent a variety of smile issues. Do you have crowded or crooked teeth? Do you have a misaligned bite or problems with your jaw? If so, you can certainly from orthodontic treatment. In fact, you can help prevent the following oral health issues by straightening your smile:

— Difficulty speaking which can lead to self-esteem issues.
— Disorders of the jaw and the resultant jaw pain.
— Biting and chewing difficulties and the resultant digestive issues.
— The irregular wearing down of your tooth enamel.
— The dental erosion of the bone and gums.
— Experiencing facial pain, earaches, or headaches.
— Experiencing tooth decay and gum disease because an unaligned smile is harder to keep clean.

Thanks to modern orthodontics, you can create a smile that is easier to clean, looks great, and avoid dental problems, including tooth decay and gum disease, a constant threat to your healthy smile. If you have a misaligned smile, we invite you to call Dr. Joseph P. Goodson and our team at 512-258-6683 to see if braces are the right option for you.