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Braces are very useful for realigning your teeth, but they do require some extra care. This includes watching what you eat more closely, otherwise the braces could get ruined.

You will need to avoid foods that are sticky, hard or chewy. Another good tip is to judge whether you will have to really bite down into the food in order to chew it, which would not help the braces.

Some foods to avoid are pleasing to your taste buds, but you can get along without them until the braces are gone. Even then, you will need to enjoy them in moderation. So things like hard candy, caramel, gum, pretzels and popcorn would have to be avoided for the time being.

Some of the foods you need to be careful of are actually not that bad for you but are not good for the braces, at least in certain forms. This category includes corn on the cob, rib meat that is still on the bone, apples, pears and carrots.

Going back to what we said about certain forms, there are still some ways you can enjoy of these healthier foods. You simply need to cut them down into smaller pieces or cook them in a certain way.

What we have mentioned here is only a small part of the list of foods that braces restrict. For more detailed information, talk with our orthodontist. Even if your favorite foods are technically on that list, you may still find a way to enjoy them while you work for a more perfect smile.

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