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You need not be too concerned if a wire comes loose in your braces. It may not cause you a whole lot of discomfort, but it can get on your nerves with an annoying pokey feeling in your gums, cheek or tongue. So what can you do about it? The orthodontist is your source of help in regards to braces. However, you can try a few methods that may reduce the discomfort.

If the wire is being really bothersome, you can take a pencil that has an eraser and use the eraser to push the wire to a place it is not as bothersome. Sometimes the wire can be difficult to move because it is positioned awkwardly or otherwise. If this is so, do not worry about moving it.

If you have no choice but to let the wire stay put, you can try putting some orthodontic wax on it, which can reduce the feeling of being poked. You can also put a small bit of gauze or a small cotton ball on the wire for some padding too.

Also, do not try to cut the wire. It is tempting, but your braces should be handled by a professional, like Dr. Joseph P. Goodson.

If a wire does come loose or if you have a different problem with your braces, you can come to our office in Austin, Texas. We can help you get them back in order so they can give the good-looking smile you have been wanting. You can reach us by calling 512-258-6683.