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After you’ve undergone orthodontic treatment, you’ll want to do all you can to make sure that you keep your smile straight and perfect afterward. That’s why you’ll be instructed to wear a mouthguard after your orthodontic treatment is completed.

But wearing a retainer comes with its own requirements. You have to take care of it, otherwise, you risk ruining not only your straight smile but your oral health as well.

Why you need a retainer
The reason that a orthodontist will tell you to wear a retainer is to prevent your teeth from shifting after braces, or other orthodontic treatment, are completed. Without a retainer, your teeth can slip out place just enough to make your smile crooked again.

Retainer care
Here at Joseph P. Goodson DMD, MS in Austin, Texas, we see quite a few cases where improper retainer care results directly in oral health issues. These can range from mild gingivitis to tooth decay and even tooth loss.

This happens when a retainer isn’t cleaned properly, causing a buildup of bacteria and other debris. Most of the severe problems that Dr. Joseph P. Goodson sees as a result of improper retainer care stem from this bacteria buildup.

To rectify that, make sure to clean your retainer every day. You’ll likely be wearing it just at night, so washing it once in the morning, and once before bed, will do wonders to help keep your teeth straight and healthy.

Don’t let your retainer end up harming your teeth. Practice proper retainer care today. If you have other questions, call us today at 512-258-6683 to see how we can help.