What You Need to Know About Invisalign®

Do you need braces but want to retain the natural appearance of your smile? If so, Invisalign® clear braces might be right for you. Our orthodontist is certified to provide Invisalign braces to our patients. Here are the steps involved with Invisalign: Before taking images of your teeth, our orthodontist will want to make sure… Read more »

Tips on How to Keep Your Retainer Clean and Pristine

Your retainer is strong enough to keep your chompers in place after an orthodontic appliance shifted them. However, it’s not quite strong enough to handle poor care. This means if you want to maintain a straight, healthy, and stunning smile, then you need to keep your retainer clean and pristine. To help you do just… Read more »

What to Expect at Your Dental Checkup When You Have Braces

Little did you know, that your routine dental cleaning is vital when you have braces in , . This is because even more plaque and food particles can get trapped in the small grooves and crevices around your braces. If those areas don’t get thoroughly and professionally cleaned, there is a good chance you could… Read more »

The Perfect Smiles Require the Removal of Malocclusions

Perfect smiles often require orthodontic treatments that simply combat the effects of malocclusions. Although malocclusions are common, misalignments in your smile can have a negative impact on the aesthetics of your smile as well as the overall health of your teeth and gums. Treating malocclusions is vital when seeking the perfect smile. Malocclusions are bad… Read more »

What Are the Risks to Your Smile as a Teen?

What are the risks to your smile as a teen? The teen years are some of the most important years for your oral health because it is the time when the last remaining teeth erupt above the gum line, finalizing the set that needs to last for the rest of your life. It is also… Read more »

Are Braces Right for You?

Did you know, there are more adults turning to orthodontic treatment than ever before? That is because of the many different options to choose from when it comes to your orthodontic treatment in the workplace. Here at in , , we take pride in giving you the quality care you deserve and are happy to… Read more »

How to Keep Your Smile in Top-Notch Condition After You Have Completed Orthodontic Treatment

Have you recently completed orthodontic treatment in , ? If so, good for you! Now you have the straight and beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. In order to keep that smile, there are things you need to do on a regular basis to keep your teeth, gums, and oral health in tip-top shape. To help… Read more »

The Many Benefits Associated with Aligning Your Smile

Orthodontic treatment can do many things for your smile and oral health. This is why Dr. and our orthodontic team strongly encourage you to align your smile if you suffer crooked and misaligned teeth. To help you know more about why we encourage such things, we would like to tell you all the benefits associated… Read more »

Keeping a Healthy Smile While Straightening Your Pearly Whites

A healthy smile is a product of good oral health habits under any circumstances, but it is even more important while straightening your pearly whites. This means taking the time to practice good oral hygiene habits daily and keeping up with routine checkups and cleanings with our orthodontist in , . To prevent tooth decay… Read more »

The Steps You Should Take When You’ve Broken a Bracket on Your Braces

It’s important to keep your orthodontic appliance in tip-top shape so you can achieve the straight and beautiful smile you deserve. However, there are things that can break your brackets and delay your smile transformation progress. When this happens, it’s best to take the necessary steps to improve the situation. Those steps are: –Step No…. Read more »