Braces and the Holidays

One of the best parts about the holiday season is the food. From turkey to hams and everything in between, it’s a great time of year for those who love to eat. However, if you have braces, it can also be a challenging time of year. How do you eat your favorite foods without causing… Read more »

Ceramic Braces Are Attractive and Require a Little Special Care

The metal brackets, wires and other braces hardware can sometimes be visually awkward. This prompts many people with alignment issues to contact Dr. Goodson and explore more cosmetically appealing braces. One of the best ways to address these concerns is to have a ceramic coating glazed onto the braces hardware. The porcelain material can be… Read more »

Many Adults Are Embracing Braces for a Better Smile

It used to be a common cliché for braces to be used for teenagers who had misaligned teeth or an awkward smile. In recent years, more and more adults are embracing the idea of having braces installed on their teeth to improve the alignment of their teeth and the appearance of their smile. Even if… Read more »