We are pleased to provide high-quality orthodontics in Austin and Round Rock, Texas, for patients of all ages. We combine the latest orthodontic treatments with individualized care to help you achieve a beautiful smile that you can enjoy for a lifetime. Please explore our website to learn more about our services. We invite you to call us today at 512-258-6683 for more information about our orthodontic treatments and to schedule your appointment with Dr. Joseph P. Goodson, our experienced orthodontist.

At Joseph P. Goodson DMD, MS, patients may be treated with a variety of either clear or metal braces or clear aligners such as the Invisalign® system or ClearCorrect. Dr. Goodson will carefully discuss the treatment options with you at your initial exam. Many adult patients will want to begin treatment right away. Some younger patients are not yet ready for treatment, so Dr. Goodson will follow those patients with periodic exams while waiting for the optimal treatment time.

Everyone deserves a beautiful smile! Dr. Goodson and his experienced staff will help you achieve it! Look your best every day — for a family selfie, a Skype conversation, a client meeting or just a school dance. Ranked as possibly the best orthodontist in Austin and Round Rock, Dr. Goodson and his staff will work hard to create a beautiful smile for you and your family. After all, smiles can be contagious, and the world can certainly use a lot more of them!